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Our specialty is the design of processor controlled RF products.

The Monopulse Beacon Test Set II (MBTS-II), the ADS-B Test Set, and the Monopulse Beacon Test Set (MBTS) are an excellent examples of our ability to successfully integrate processor and real-time digital control functions with complex RF circuit functions.

The MBTS-II Enhanced radar test instrument

The ADS-B receiver/transponder test instrument

The MBTS radar test instrument

Since 1991, we have also utilized our unique RF design experience to supply a wide range of RF product designs to customers lacking this expertise. These products were designed on a fee-for-service basis and therefore became the property of the customer when complete. Products designed under this arrangement include low cost single board commercial CATV converter and modulator units, multi-assembly satellite telephone signal tuners and converters, and specialized signal surveillance equipment.

We welcome inquiries by those in need of our unique processor based RF design and manufacturing services.