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Monopulse Beacon Test Set

The complexity of modern monopulse transponder radar systems necessitates sophisticated maintenance and certification test instruments. To meet this need, Freestate Electronics has developed the Monopulse Beacon Test Set (MBTS). The test set provides the signals necessary to quantify the performance of both ATCRBS and Mode S radar receivers. It also provides technicians with the capability to verify radar system performance, such as Overall System Sensitivity (OSS), through remote control operations.

Monopulse Beacon Test Set

The MBTS system features:

  • Monopulse reply generation of up to 32 ATCRBS and/or Mode S targets per scan
  • Reply generation synchronized with azimuth data from the antenna pedestal
  • Continuous Wave (CW) and pulsed RF operating modes
  • High accuracy output levels, Sum output range of +10 dBm to -85 dBm
  • Delta/Sum ratios from +12 dB to -47 dB supported
  • User configurable Sum and Delta azimuth patterns
  • Replies triggered by decoded RF interrogations, or by internal or external pulses
  • Mode S All-Call and Roll-Call protocols supported
  • GPIB or serial control of all functions
  • LabVIEW. based control software running on a laptop Pentium computer

A data sheet detailing all MBTS functions and capability is available as a PDF file.