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Product Documentation and Support Files

The following documents and files are currently available for download. FSE makes these available for use by interested parties with the understanding that the information they contain places no obligation, liability, or contract requirement upon FSE. The absolute accuracy of these documents is not guaranteed. Document availability, upgrade, and revision are solely at our discretion, and changes to the status of documents and files may be accomplished by FSE without notification. Feedback on documentation errors is appreciated.

MBTS-II Documentation and Support Files

MBTS-II Operations Manual
MBTS-II Operations Training Course
MBTS-II GPIB Command Set
MBTS-II High Density Operations Manual Addendum

ADS-B Test Set Documentation and Support Files
ADS-B Test Set Operations Training Course
ADS-B Test Set GPIB Command Set
ADS-B Test Set Playback Log Editor

MBTS Documentation and Support Files
MBTS Operations Manual
MBTS Operations Training Course
MBTS GPIB Command Set
MBTS Output Level Calibration Procedure

Return & Repair

Non-FAA customers should always contact FSE, via phone at (540) 349-4727, or email at, prior to the return of any product. We will be responsive to all requests for assistance. Often our technical assistance will help customers overcome operational problems. A Return Material Authorization (RMA), and return instructions, will be issued by FSE if the problem cannot be resolved.

FAA (and DoD) personnel: Contact FAA Technical Support at (405) 954-4271

Calibration Services

The MBTS should be calibrated at least once a year. This calibration should verify the performance of all digital and RF interfaces including the accuracy of output power level settings. Freestate Electronics can provide this service for a nominal fee.

Product Warranty

All products manufactured by Freestate Electronics, Inc. carry a limited one-year parts and labor warranty from the date of delivery. The warranty is limited specifically to the repair or replacement of the defective product. The warranty does not cover the cost to repair any non-compliant product due to misuse, abuse, improper installation, improper storage or handling, or resulting from exceeding product design limitations. Freestate Electronics, Inc. reserves the right to make the sole and final determination as to the cause of failure.

Unless specifically contracted for, all warranty repair activities will occur only at the facilities of Freestate Electronics, Inc. in Warrenton, Virginia. Unless otherwise contractually specified, FSE will cover the cost of shipping, but not insuring, the product repaired under warranty, from Freestate back to the customer using a commercial carrier of our choice, ground delivery service. The cost to return product not under warranty, or under warranty but repaired due to causes not covered by the warranty, will be borne by the customer. Unless agreed to by Freestate, the cost to return product to our facilities will be at the expense of the customer.

A written cost estimate to repair defects not covered by the warranty will be provided to customers prior to the initiation of work. In this case, a signed work order from the customer is required for us to begin repair operations.